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        Experts call "China Creation" a "killer weapon" for the development of modern logistics

        Date of issue:2014-02-03  Click through rate:

           Modern logistics industry is a new industry which integrates transportation, warehousing, information and other complex services, and is an important part of China's real economy. At present, China's logistics cost accounts for 19% of GDP, which is much higher than the level of about 8% in developed countries. China's logistics as a whole is still scattered, chaotic, poor, small situation, "high logistics cost" has become one of the burdens of small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Experts said that to change this situation, we must rely on the independent innovation ability of logistics enterprises.
        Yang Shengfu, vice president of China Transportation Association, proposed that the development of modern logistics should be networked, internationalized and informationized. He said: "Logistics industry is the key link to ensure the normal operation of social supply chain. The development of logistics industry needs to break through the ability of original innovation, independent research and development, and promote the development of logistics industry with technological and technological innovation."
        Yang Shengfu believes that in order to do a good job in logistics innovation, we should first pay attention to basic technology research and development, gather the strength of enterprises and colleges to develop original innovation ability; secondly, we should promote and utilize logistics scientific and technological achievements, promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and achieve the unity of economic and social benefits; thirdly, we should encourage cooperation among logistics enterprises to form risk-sharing and sharing. Fruit relationship. Fourth, we should grasp the development direction and trend of logistics science and technology; fifth, we should strengthen the training of logistics science and technology talents.
        At the meeting, other experts also analyzed how to transform the traditional logistics industry model into a new logistics development model adapting to the development of modern society from the aspects of e-commerce application, the development of the Internet of Things, accelerating the development of inland waterless ports, improving the level of logistics internationalization and the scientific and technological basis of logistics development.
        Among them, Shanghai Boke Information Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in China's logistics industry. Liu Zhengheng, Vice President of the enterprise, shared with his colleagues the "killer weapon" for the successful development of modern logistics industry at the Science and Technology Conference. "Sustainable development of logistics information is the key to the development of modern logistics," Liu Zhengheng said.