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      2. Careers

        The Core Values of Oak Employees


        A person who upholds the core values of Oak employees and puts them into practice

        Pioneering and enterprising
        Be the best person in the field you are responsible for, develop yourself constantly
        Keep looking for new solutions and opportunities with open thinking and creative ideas
        Be confident, challenging, goal-setting and strive to achieve this goal
        Selfless dedication
        Consider the Great Self first and the Common Goal as the Priority Value/dd>
        Consider the Great Self first and the Common Goal as the Priority Value
        Adhering to the belief of fate community, trusting each other's abilities and seeking positive cooperation
        Honesty and justice
        Do not waver from immediate interests, adhere to principles, and act with integrity
        Public-Private Distinction, Ability and Performance, Justice

        Personnel System Centered on Position and Achievement


        Based on the reward and evaluation system of job value and role, motivation should be given to employees to enhance their professional level.
        According to the results, make reasonable evaluation and provide educational opportunities to enhance the ability, so as to lay the foundation for Shuntian enterprise to grow into a first-class enterprise.
        It is no longer confined to the inherent concept of orderly growth and development, to provide promotion opportunities for talents who can improve their performance and bring their talents into full play, and to build an enterprise culture that attaches importance to young talents.