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        Professional Solver of Internal Logistics in Factory


        Purchasing, manufacturing, marketing and management of logistics facilities around warehousing, distribution and material handling industrial chains

          Taicang Oak Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a warehousing equipment supplier and integrator integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Main products: cleaning basket series, turnover box series, turnover car series, storage shelf series, tool position series, hoist series, etc. The company has won the trust and support of users with humanized design concept, high-quality process production and excellent after-sales service.

          Taicang Oak's main business is around the procurement, manufacturing, marketing and management of logistics facilities in warehousing, distribution and material handling industry chains. We provide customers with the whole solution of logistics warehousing (including research, analysis, design, manufacturing, supply and installation).

          In the past ten years, the company has always been in line with the business philosophy of strict integrity, efficiency first, mutual benefit and common development to provide customers with the most intimate service. I am committed to providing customers with scientific and advanced design; safe, convenient and durable use; simple maintenance; cost-effective products. At present, we have obtained national high-tech enterprise certificate and private science and technology enterprise certificate.

          We look forward to working with you to share the joy of success.

        auke products


        Originated in Germany, Solutions Around Warehousing, Distribution and Material Processing Industry Chain